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How To Stop Living From Salary To Salary? Financial Freedom

Many find it tiring to live on salary in salary. Unfortunately, the majority of people in North America are in a similar situation. Low income will not allow you to overcome this problem and enrich yourself.

Fortunately, a simple formula for getting some financial comfort exists: you need to reduce debt, save money and learn how to better manage your fixed expenses.

It sounds simple, but these three goals can be difficult to achieve. You will have to show patience if you want to stop living “pay in pay”. Limited by your income, you will not be able to quickly pay off all your debts and save a lot of money. You will have to accomplish these things little by little. However, if you pay your loans or credit card balances and deposit a little money in your account each month, you will finally achieve financial stability.

Here are some tips that will save you from living on “salary pay”.

Here are some tips that will save you from living on "salary pay".

  • Reduce your fixed expenses. The first step towards financial freedom is to find the money to pay off your debts and save money. You will succeed if you reduce your fixed expenses such as: car payment, mortgage or rent, insurance payments, debt payments, phone bills, and others. If you reduce some of these payments, you will get the money you need to reach your savings goals.
  • Reduce your variable expenses. Reducing variable expenses, such as food and gas, is often easier than reducing fixed expenses. To get there, you’ll use coupons, buy generic products, wait for sales, and take other reasonably simple ways to make sure you do not pay full price for your daily purchases. If you demonstrate consistency, you will reduce your costs every time you shop.
  • Downgrade. You should, if possible, lower the costs of things that take up a large part of your monthly salary. For example, you could move to cheaper housing or pay lower mortgage payments. Another solution is to use public transport instead of owning a car. In addition, you will reduce your costs if you cut the cable TV service. You will depend on television broadcasting or a continuous service at low prices. You may find it difficult to reduce services, but this solution will allow you to no longer live on “salary pay”.
  • Plan in case of emergency. Unexpected costs (repairs, etc.) can hinder your financial plans. Instead of trying to pay all emergency costs at once, consider getting a personal loan online. Available from online providers, you will find the application process simple. Because you will pay in installments, you will usually plan the repayment so that it does not interfere with your savings and debt payments.

With these strategies and a little patience, you will eventually stop living from “salary to salary” and you will enjoy a more comfortable financial life.

Easy Credit card with Credit in the Card or Tickets } Credit Loan


Credit, your credit in the card facilitated without complication. It was the time when someone needed (or wished) to buy from a new dress to a cell phone of last generation and did not have all the value of the product in hand, would have to give up the acquisition. Nowadays, the stores go to great lengths to facilitate their customers’ purchases. There are stores that accept debit and credit card payments, installments on the pre-check, monthly bills and even credit cards.  That is, there is always a form of payment to cause the consumer to stop buying. Do not have money on hand? We can install. Just use your credit card. Do not have a credit card? It gives to make the purchase parceled in the carnet by the crediário.


Do not have an account yet? Is fast.

Do not have an account yet? Is fast.




To open a customer’s credit or credit card, stores usually require documents like RG, CPF, proof of income, proof of residence, pay stubs and bank references, and that’s it! The store is nothing more than a way to expedite the purchases of customers. The great problem of this and other facilities is that the consumer ends up getting too excited and loses control of their purchases.

As tempting and easy as it is to buy a product, in the sense of acquiring, these days paying for it is another story that in some cases ends up getting to another day. All this facility is a great trap for those more consumeristic and undisciplined people.

The great danger of any installment purchase in the credit card account, for example, is the risk of indebtedness. This is especially true when the purchase is not planned. Planning is the key word to avoid debts with credit or loan crediários.

The responsible consumer should analyze the amount that he can pay in the best term within his budget. In addition, it is always better to opt for the largest amount that the customer can pay and in the shortest possible time frame. Thus, the discharge of the purchase is made more quickly and the buyer can get rid of the debt soon.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation


The illusion of paying small amounts per month can bring higher interest rates and keep the consumer tied to the purchase for a very long period. Let us suppose that the consumer in question is already in debt. It is not advisable to let the debt pile up, or to prescribe it, a period that lasts five years until the name of the debtor leaves the SPC and Serasa Experian.

This is one of the great problems of credit with credit card, being practical and affordable, the buyer is more vulnerable to being in default with the accumulation of credit debts, financing and financial commitment tickets.


Credit Agent or Financial Agent, Access to Financing


The Credit Agent or Financial Agent, what are they, what do they do? Personal credit can be obtained almost everywhere we go, in the neighborhood, in the big centers, in the capital and in the interior, every place has a store, financial or financing office. What’s the use of borrowed money? It serves any situation where the consumer has to buy a product or consumer goods, if the citizen does not have cash in sight, he will even have to choose to make a personal credit, credit card, financing or even a lease ).

Many believing that this financial transaction is restricted between the client and the commercial establishment, however, it appears there, an interested third party and active participant in this credit operation. We are talking about the financial agent , agent of credit or financing agent , in the latter case can be a financial, a bank or a leasing company. The credit agents perform the evaluations of the activity of the contractor, of the capacity of indebtedness, besides accompanying the release of the resource and some cases, accompanies the application of the resources.


What is a financial agent for what it serves



The answer to this question is generic:

1 -) In general, the Financial Agent carries out his work with operations and financial transactions, finances. In this field you can act as collector, credit analyst, investment consultant, broker, and many other activities in the segment. Financial agents are more easily found in environments such as financial, factoring, collection and credit companies, brokerage firms and insurance, etc.

2) We can also call the Credit Agent , the banking or financial institution that provides lines and credit modalities (financial resources) to the consumer through a correspondent bank or representatives.

Agents in Brazil


In Brazil, there are few stores or commercial companies that own capital or credit to finance their products, so to make the business more dynamic, they use banks, financial institutions and credit companies to finance or crediário their products, this way they can finance services and goods that will be sold with time payments to the consumer.


Conditions for credit

Conditions for credit


According to the term granted for payment of the installments, the financing may be in a short, medium or long term period. We call for short term, those loans that do not exceed the period of one year, 3, 4, 6 to 12 month terms are the most common.

Loans and personal loans made for an average period are a little longer eg: 12, 18, 24, 36 months, are considered medium-term loans. They are usually used to finance consumer goods such as: utensils, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Credit operations for longer periods contracted for more than 36, 48, 60, 72 up to 420 months are considered long-term financing. They are usually used to finance durable goods such as cars, houses, apartments, yachts, etc., or real estate.

Those who usually do this type of financing, usually ends up anticipating small installments of installments for amortization of the debit balance, and thus eliminates some of the interest charged. We can not forget that the longer the term of a loan, private loan or personal credit, the more expensive the money given as credit for consumption .

In any financial transaction we make, you can be sure, there was the intervention of a Credit Agent or Financial Agent.

The Worst Mistakes to Make When You Borrow} Credit

It takes time to recover from a financial error. Of course, everyone does it from time to time. The key is to avoid these mistakes as much as possible and then recover.

So, what mistakes should you avoid when you borrow money? It depends on your financial situation, but you should be able to detect the following errors.

Miss multiple payments

 Miss multiple payments

This is the biggest mistake you can make. People who pay late for their credit card face late fees that, once accumulated, can cause serious problems to their financial health. In addition, these delays affect their credit score. Because of that, they will be offered higher interest rates and they will have difficulty getting loans.

But how to pay the installments on time? You borrow only the amount you need and then ask for monthly payment terms that you can manage. But if your loan or credit card payments are too high, you could find another bank or lender online to pay them back. This will allow you to get monthly payments that are easier to manage.

Borrow more than you need

 Borrow more than you need

You will know this kind of problem with bank loans. The bank may offer you a good interest rate, but it will require you to borrow a higher minimum amount than necessary. Why borrow $ 2,000 when you only want $ 200? If other “three-digit” amounts are enough, you should always apply for a personal loan online. These loans are designed for people who want to borrow less than the minimum bank loan.

Fortunately, personal loans online are easier to obtain than bank loans. You only need to provide a bank statement and a pay stub. In addition, lenders do not generally require a full credit check. The application process does not take more than a day, and you often get the loan in a few hours.

Forget the importance of your credit rating

 Forget the importance of your credit rating

People of all credit categories can apply for a loan. Regardless of your credit history, one or two options will be available for you to borrow money. However, a bad credit score will limit your choices and you will be offered higher interest rates.

You might consider improving your credit score as a separate financial task. Yes, you may have to borrow money. But, if you make minimum payments each month, you will not buy out your credit rating. Then you will establish your credit score by purchasing by card and immediately paying for completed purchases. This activity reported to the credit bureau will improve your credit score for the future.