The Credit Agent or Financial Agent, what are they, what do they do? Personal credit can be obtained almost everywhere we go, in the neighborhood, in the big centers, in the capital and in the interior, every place has a store, financial or financing office. What’s the use of borrowed money? It serves any situation where the consumer has to buy a product or consumer goods, if the citizen does not have cash in sight, he will even have to choose to make a personal credit, credit card, financing or even a lease ).

Many believing that this financial transaction is restricted between the client and the commercial establishment, however, it appears there, an interested third party and active participant in this credit operation. We are talking about the financial agent , agent of credit or financing agent , in the latter case can be a financial, a bank or a leasing company. The credit agents perform the evaluations of the activity of the contractor, of the capacity of indebtedness, besides accompanying the release of the resource and some cases, accompanies the application of the resources.


What is a financial agent for what it serves



The answer to this question is generic:

1 -) In general, the Financial Agent carries out his work with operations and financial transactions, finances. In this field you can act as collector, credit analyst, investment consultant, broker, and many other activities in the segment. Financial agents are more easily found in environments such as financial, factoring, collection and credit companies, brokerage firms and insurance, etc.

2) We can also call the Credit Agent , the banking or financial institution that provides lines and credit modalities (financial resources) to the consumer through a correspondent bank or representatives.

Agents in Brazil


In Brazil, there are few stores or commercial companies that own capital or credit to finance their products, so to make the business more dynamic, they use banks, financial institutions and credit companies to finance or crediário their products, this way they can finance services and goods that will be sold with time payments to the consumer.


Conditions for credit

Conditions for credit


According to the term granted for payment of the installments, the financing may be in a short, medium or long term period. We call for short term, those loans that do not exceed the period of one year, 3, 4, 6 to 12 month terms are the most common.

Loans and personal loans made for an average period are a little longer eg: 12, 18, 24, 36 months, are considered medium-term loans. They are usually used to finance consumer goods such as: utensils, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Credit operations for longer periods contracted for more than 36, 48, 60, 72 up to 420 months are considered long-term financing. They are usually used to finance durable goods such as cars, houses, apartments, yachts, etc., or real estate.

Those who usually do this type of financing, usually ends up anticipating small installments of installments for amortization of the debit balance, and thus eliminates some of the interest charged. We can not forget that the longer the term of a loan, private loan or personal credit, the more expensive the money given as credit for consumption .

In any financial transaction we make, you can be sure, there was the intervention of a Credit Agent or Financial Agent.

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